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Dog Training Survival Guide
Dog Training Survival Guide

The Six Benefits of Early Puppy Training

Training your puppy early is one of the most important things you can do for your them.  As a puppy owner, it is your responsibility to ensure your puppy will be able to thrive in the dog and human world. Not only does it help you build a strong relationship with your puppy, but it […]

Walking A Dog in the Rain: Yes or No?

** This blog post contains affiliate links** Walking your dog is part of good dog ownership, but let’s face it: the weather isn’t always cooperative. It could be sunny one day, and raining the next day. So you may be wondering: “Walking a dog in the rain, is that a yes or a no?” And […]

Signs of Over Exercising Puppy: How to Keep Your Puppy Safe

As a puppy parent, you may be wondering “What are the signs of over exercising a puppy?”, and more importantly, what actions you should take if that happens. After all, as a human being you probably know when you’ve exercised too much, but it may be harder to tell with your puppy. As a dog […]

How Often Should I Walk My Dog? Uncovering The Truth

As a dog owner, you may be wondering: “How often should I walk my dog?” After all your dog’s happiness and health depend on getting enough walks. So it’s only natural that you want to get the right answer to this question. As a pet care professional and dog trainer, I am often asked this […]

The Best Time to Walk Your Dog: Secrets for a Perfect Walk

Walking your dog is a key part of being a dog parent but knowing the best time to walk your dog might be something you may not have thought about or even considered. Going on walks with your dog is a great way to get exercise and keep you both healthy. Furthermore, going on walks […]

5 Reasons Why Dogs Need Walks: Discover These Amazing Benefits

Understanding the 5 reasons why dogs need walks is something that can benefit every dog owner. As a pet care professional, I’m all too aware of the many roadblocks that can prevent you from getting out on regular walks with your dog. Life with all the things you have to do each day can tire […]

Leaving a Puppy Alone at Home for the First Time: 20 Expert Tips

***There are Affiliate Links in this Blog Post*** When leaving a puppy alone at home for the first time, one can get so stressed about the whole situation. You go back and forth as to whether you should do it or wonder if you can. The reality is leaving a puppy alone at home for […]

Playtime with Puppy: How to Make It Fun for You and Your Puppy

Having a puppy in your life means getting to have all that time to build that special bond and help him/her get used to your routine. Another important area you may thinking about when it comes to your puppy is playtime with puppy. with your puppy. That can be a tricky area particularly if you’re […]

When Do Puppies Stop Teething: How to Survive Puppy Teething (with Ease)

Having a puppy can be like going on a roller coaster ride; you love those puppy eyes, and cute puppy kisses that melt your heart. And then there’s your chewed-up slippers, sofa, anything those puppy teeth can get a hold of, including your poor hands, that makes you ask the question, “When do puppies stop […]


*** Affiliate Links In Blog Post *** The reality of bringing your puppy home can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. You have so many questions, and you can’t ask your puppy what he/she needs; after all, he/she can’t speak “human” right? And those first 48 hours with a new puppy are […]