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Dog Training Survival Guide
Dog Training Survival Guide

Why Dog Training Survival Guide?

I wanted to share the purpose of Well Mannered Pups. I have been in the pet field for ten years from volunteering at a shelter to working in a veterinary hospital.

Three Tips for a Better Experience at the Dog Park

The sight of other dogs, the smells, and the chance to run around makes your dog want to haul his/her butt to that gate to gain access to that fun. You as the dog owner experience the dog park differently and sometimes know or do not know if your dog should be there.

Six Ways For You and Your Dog To Prepare For Labor Day

As we get ready for Labor Day to announce the end of summer, I wanted to share some tips to help you and your dog have a safe and fun time. You might be finalizing your plans or just in the early stages of figuring out what you want to do, either way there is still a chance to make sure your dog is included and you both have a good time as well.

Halloween Tips for Dogs

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love the costumes, candy, decorations, scary movies, and the colors (black and orange). I as a human know what I am okay with and what I will avoid, so I enjoy it. However, you may not realize that your dog has his or her own limits too. We can miss the stress signals dogs show if we do not notice or are distracted. Moreover, Halloween is soon approaching and I want to share some tips to keep your dog safe and help you both have a great time by planning ahead

How to get your dog to cooperate on walks

The connection we hope to experience with our puppy or dog may go well at home, but once it is time for a walk, it may be like you and your pup are on two different planets.

How to get out for walks with your dog during the holidays

The holiday season means more time commitments for parties, shopping, travel, dinners, etc. However, something that gets put to the back burner, unintentionally, is taking the dog on walks. I want to share some ways to help you and your dog thrive, rather than just survive the holidays and make the start of the new year better together.