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Training your dog is an important part of pet ownership. Having a well mannered pup who listens to you and fits easily into your life is essential.

Training your puppy on your own is no easy task, so looking into professional dog training programs is a good idea.

Private training lessons and board and trains have pros and cons, but which is right for you? 

We will break down the pros and cons of board and trains vs private lessons so you can decide which option is the best for you and your puppy or dog. 

What Are Board and Trains?

A board and train consists of your dog boarding(aka living with) with a trainer while receiving extensive training lessons.

Dogs will either stay with a trainer at their home or in a pet care facility but will still get training lessons during the day.

Boarding and training can be a long process. On average, they can be about three weeks long or even up to six months, depending on the issues the puppy or dog is showing. 

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Advantages of Board and Trains 

There are definitely good things about board and trains. First, it is pretty successful, and you will have a brand new, fully trained dog returned to you.

Enrolling in a board and train program can address more intense behavioral issues like reactivity.

Once your dog is returned to you, you must work with your dog to transfer the new skills they learned into their home environment. 

Disadvantages of Board and Trains

The biggest disadvantage of board and trains is the cost. These programs can be pricey and get even more expensive if your dog needs to be enrolled in a long-term program. 

In addition, you will need to learn everything your dog learned while they were away, so you will need to set new rules and boundaries when your dog returns.

Some dogs may struggle with this as they get used to learning everything in one environment.

You might be given a few owner lessons when the dog is home to review everything with your trainer.

Trying to retain all the information might also pose a challenge for you. 

If your pup has separation anxiety, this might not be a good option. Taking them out of their familiar environment only induces more stress, making training more difficult. 

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What Are Private Lessons?

In a nutshell, private lessons consist of a professional dog trainer coming to your home to give your dog lessons.

Some professional private trainers may also request that you go to their facility for training.

Either way, your dog gets one-one time with a professional who can assess their behaviour. 

Advantages of Private Lessons

The biggest advantage of private training is that it is more affordable.

Unlike board and trains, you can (and should) participate in the training lessons so you can learn alongside your dog.

If travelling to a training facility doesn’t work for you and your puppy or dog, professional trainers can always come to your home to give your dog their lessons. 

Private lessons are a fantastic option if your dog doesn’t do well with being away from you or around other dogs.

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Disadvantages of Private Lessons

The biggest con to private lessons is the fact that your dog doesn’t get a chance to socialize with other dogs like in a group training class.

Your dog is also not learning to listen to you outside of the home, where other distractions are introduced.

Your dog needs to be able to listen to you at all times, whether you’re at home, at the park or hanging out with friends. 

Also, If you only do a couple private lessons and expect everything to be resolved, that is going to be another disadvantage you will feel with your puppy or dog.

At the end of the day, it is important to do your research to discover which training option is right for you.

Keep in mind you can always try both options to see which one works best for your pup.

If you prefer private training lessons, The Dog Training Survival Guide is here to help.

We offer private dog training lessons that can be done without you there, if you do not have time and want to get help with your pup. Here is the form to fill out for help with your puppy or dog.

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