Three Tips for a Better Experience at the Dog Park

The sight of other dogs, the smells, and the chance to run around makes your dog want to haul his/her butt to that gate to gain access to that fun. You as the dog owner experience the dog park differently and sometimes know or do not know if your dog should be there.

New Puppy Checklist

Making the decision to get a puppy can be life changing. The wait for the puppy, what should you do before the puppy comes, the excitement when you bring your puppy home, and reality of doubt that comes over when trying to raise a well rounded puppy.

Bringing Puppy Home Guide

Bringing Puppy Home Guide The process of becoming a new puppy parent does not happen once you get your puppy. Rather,  the minute you decide and research who will be your puppy means you are that new puppy parent. I wanted to create a guide of things to remember and save you time when brining […]

Top 11 Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Families

Deciding to get a puppy is a big deal but what breed of puppy can be essential too. The list of breeds is long not to mention the cuteness factor in seeing each one. The size, grooming, activity level, and if the breed is good with kids, are just a couple factors to consider.

Top 13 Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

When I think of Halloween it brings such fun and excitement for me. The change in the weather plus the colors, pumpkins, candy, horror movies, and costumes. There are so many costumes for humans to pick from and maybe you already have your theme for this year.