5 Mistakes You Are Making on Dog Walks

Walking your dog is a routine you do everyday. Grabbing a leash, collar, harness, and poop bags to make sure your dog pees and poops is your many prayers. Getting your supplies ready may be the easy part of your walk if each time you go out unexpected stressful things happen. The reactions and actions you do may not be helping.

How to House train a Puppy

Bringing a puppy into your home feels amazing. Having the chance to develop that special relationship from day one is your goal. Part of getting to know one another and helping your puppy get use to the human world is another area that has to be worked on especially in your house.

How to Prepare for a Puppy

Once the decision to buy or adopt a puppy has been made, then comes how to get your life and house ready for it. You do not have to go overboard with everything because you do not know how your puppy is going to react to things. Keeping things simple with what you buy and getting information from the person or organization where you will pick up your puppy is important