How to get your dog to cooperate on walks

The connection we hope to experience with our puppy or dog may go well at home, but once it is time for a walk, it may be like you and your pup are on two different planets.

How to train your dog to go on a mat

It always is a great feeling when our dog wants our attention or likes to be next to us, since it puts a smile on our faces and strengthens the bond with our dog.

How to choose and use treats in training your dog

Dog Treats are something you see in the pet store, online, or hear about them from other dog parents, as well as research which ones to choose yourself. Furthermore, we use them in training to reward great behavior we want from our dog.

How to Prepare Your Dog for Guests Coming Over

As we head into the last month of summer, you may be planning your party to end on a great note with family and friends. Unfortunately, you may be flexible with planning a last minute party and know what to do but that may not work for your dog. That is why I decided to write a post about guests coming to your house so you can start planning now and make it an enjoyable gathering for you and your dog– rather than a stressful one that is memorable for all the wrong reasons.

How To Find The Right Dog Trainer

As a dog parent you want the best for your dog especially when you need professional help. There are a lot of resources locally, online, or your inner circle of family and friends. The overwhelm can kick in and stop you from searching or even reaching out to a dog trainer. I wanted to write a blog post on finding the right dog trainer to shorten your search and give the confidence to find the right one. Remember, at the end of the day you are making the choices for you and your dog, and every dog parent and dog are different in their needs.

How to Socialize Your Puppy and Why It Is Important

Being a first time puppy parent can be a wonderful time in your life and seeing your new puppy fills your heart with love. Then comes the reality of how to raise your puppy well and make the right decisions.

5 Mistakes You Are Making on Dog Walks

Walking your dog is a routine you do everyday. Grabbing a leash, collar, harness, and poop bags to make sure your dog pees and poops is your many prayers. Getting your supplies ready may be the easy part of your walk if each time you go out unexpected stressful things happen. The reactions and actions you do may not be helping.

How to Stop Dogs from Chewing

How to Stop Dogs from Chewing How to stop a dog from chewing inappropriately You’re having a great day- work was fantastic, beautiful weather, quick commute home. You open the door to your house to find that your dog has chewed shoes, furniture, chair, pillows, toys. There goes your good day, right? I’m sure this […]