Local to the Davis area and want one-on-one dog training and pet care?

Dog Training Survival Guide
Dog Training Survival Guide

Dog training and care for busy Puppy and Dog Parents

Premier Puppy Training, Leash Training, and Dog Care by a Registered Veterinary Technician

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What We Offer:

Pet Care:

If you’re local to the Davis California area, I come to your home to provide customized dog care that you would otherwise have to drive to your veterinary’s office to receive. For my non-local clients, I offer virtual training to show you how to do basic care for your pup including tooth brushing and ear cleaning.

Dog Training Courses:

There are many things that all dogs need to learn and they are something that you can teach your dog in the comfort of your own home and neighborhood.

In each of my online Dog Training Courses, I walk you through everything you need to know and do, step-by-step, so that you will get the outcome you’re looking for.

1:1 Dog Training
(local clients only)

I require a commitment to at least 2 months of consecutive training because that’s what it takes to see consistent results for any dog. You didn’t learn how to tie your shoes the first time you tried, and your dog needs time, support and repitition as well.

Simple Products to Buy for Help With Your Puppy or Dog

Struggling on walks, puppy or dog will not stop jumping on you and others?, or struggling when guests come over to your house? Check out some easy solutions below.



Take the Leash Manners Assessment to learn why your dog is pulling on the leash.


Tired of your dog always jumping up? Learn why they jump and how to fix it.


Tired of your dog losing their minds when the doorbell rings? This is for you.


Kristine is professional, calm, and very good at what she does. My dog was chewing everything and making a mess of the house, but within a few sessions Kristine was able to make big changes for us. Very happy with the help she offered us.

~ John H.

We originally started working with Kristine for training help, but then we learned she was also a vet tech and could help us with teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and other things that would normally cost an arm and a leg at the vet! Game-changer! I knew my pup was being taken care of while I was at work and that made a big difference.

~ Alice M.

Guess what? My dog no longer goes crazy when someone comes to the door! Your course made it fast and easy to get rid of this bad behavior that was scaring our guests. Thanks so much!

~ Katiya B.

Looking to work with me one-on-one?

My name is Kristine and I am a registered Veterinary Technician and dog trainer. I offer a number of virtual or in-person services including:

  • Puppy Training
  • Dog Training
  • Walking/Enrichment Activities
  • Pet Care such as ear cleaning and health monitoring

*Local In-Person services available in the Davis, California area based on availability.