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Tired of your dog always jumping up on you, the neighbor, your guests or anyone that walks through the door?

In this mini-course, we’ll cover everything from why your dog is jumping to the simple and straight forward methods you can use to stop it from happening.

Whether it's the constant jumping, door dashing, or over excitement in general...

Would you be surprised if I told you that having a well-mannered pup boils down to proper planning and simply knowing the right things to do while you have visitors?


Stop the Jumping

Being a dog parent there are going to be problems that come up with your puppy or dog. Depending on whether you are a new or seasoned dog parent could make you feel confident or worried that new problem will never go away. One of the most common problems I see or hear is about your puppy or dog jumping on you or other people.

The humiliation as well as the many apologizes you say over again and again still do not fix the problem and make you feel trapped. Sure your puppy or dog is cute and friendly but why are they so rude and when  will it stop?  Maybe you think it is a phase they will outgrow.

As this jumping continues not only on you but people you see on walks or in your home the dread and stress you feel will only increase. I wanted to write this blog post to give you easy ways to stop this undesirable behavior and how you as well as others in your life can help to stop the jumping. I want you to have the confidence as well as how to share it with others because you are not alone in your desire to end the jumping.

What's Included:

Ready to stop your dog from jumping?