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Dog Training Survival Guide
Dog Training Survival Guide

How to get your dog ready for the Solar Eclipse

 working with dogs outside with such an awesome event makes me, as well as other dog owners, need to take some steps to make sure all dogs are safe while this is happening. I am going to answer these questions with some tips to get you ready.

Things to think about:

  •  What time is the solar eclipse  happening where you live?
  • Does your dog have access to a doggie door during the day?
  • Who could you call to help with your dog?
  • Can you change your schedule to walk your dog earlier in the morning?
  • Are you going to an eclipse party or having one yourself?
  • Will there be fireworks where you are or lots of people?
  • What are some ways you usually do to  help your dog?

These are a lot of questions to answer that can really help you as a dog owner get a plan together so you and your dog can have a safe and fun experience. Knowing the time to expect the solar eclipse will give you a chance to arrange your schedule for your dog and also finalize your plans with what  you want to do for it. If you are worried your dog will be stressed, maybe going out of town last minute is not a good idea but going to a party for a couple hours is a better option. If you are going to work that day but have a doggie door, I would plan a visit home to check on your dog and temporarily not give access to your dog to use it. The main reason is the ability for your dog to go in and out of it at his/her own leisure puts them at risk of damaging your eyes by staring at it.

If you do decide to go out of town, do you have a professional pet sitter lined up to help you out? Having a person who knows your dog and how to take action to keep your dog safe is important for for your dog. The solar eclipse is happening in less than a couple of days so finding  that person now is essential.

If you take your dog on a walk latex in the morning, then I would check your schedule.   If your solar eclipse  celebrations or time for your walks need to be adjusted then you can fix it now.  That way you know your dog is safe and they have gotten the time and routine they like as usual.

Bonus idea: If you have a food toy like a kong for example, you can make extra ones and use that as another way to keep your dog mentally stimulated (busy) for a couple hours. This can work on the day of the eclipse or if you are going to a party for a couple hours. 

Another thing to think about is if your neighborhood will be celebrating with loud music, firecrackers, or any other noise that your dog may not be use too. This is not to say it will be the case but people like to celebrate differently and checking with your neighbors what their plans are could not hurt, especially if they have a dog too.

Finally, like I mentioned about the kong as a way to keep your  dog busy there are other toys as well. You could start off with just kibble in it and see what gets your dog motivated so when Monday is here you have already done a couple practice runs. This is a helpful way to give your dog a job even without a solar eclipse so I would keep this going afterwards as a positive thing for your dog. I hope these suggestions are helpful and let you and your dog enjoy this amazing solar eclipse safely. Let me know what you think with a comment below.W

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