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How to Prepare for a Puppy

Once the decision to buy or adopt a puppy has been made, then comes how to get your life and house ready for it. You do not have to go overboard with everything because you do not know how your puppy is going to react to things. Keeping things simple with what you buy and getting information from the person or organization where you will pick up your puppy is important

I wanted to write a blog post to help you get prepared for adding a puppy into your life and how to make that transition go as easily as possible.

Preparing for a Puppy in Your Home

Maybe it was a last minute “Yes” to a puppy or seeing a puppy in need of a home that made you feel like the timing is right to be a new puppy parent. However, once your puppy is in the home it starts to feel like you are not as prepared as you thought.

I can feel the fear, regret, and confusion set in because you and your puppy are not on the same page yet and this new relationship is bringing more stress then you imagined. This is normal to feel this way in your home but there are things you can do to start preparing your home for your puppy and start off on a good note.

I think keeping thing simple in what you buy and how you learn what is working with your puppy and is not will help you feel less overwhelm and give you a realistic way to notice how things are going in the right direction. Remember you are doing the best you can and be kind to you and your puppy.


Pet Cleaning Products for a New Puppy

You may think pet cleaning products is not the first thing on your list to buy for your puppy, maybe you want to buy toys or something else, but the fun part of a puppy also comes with the necessary things that will help you as well.

The best thing you can do with the pet cleaning products is to buy a couple of each to have around your house. The time between getting your puppy out to go potty and he/she not being able to hold it can be quick. Another reality is you will be overly confident with your expectations but your puppy has no idea

Locations to have those cleaning supplies:

  • In your bedroom
  • Near the front door
  • Near the backyard sliding door
  • In the kitchen
  • In your car

Having pet cleaning products on hand is not to say you will have more accidents with your puppy but is part of the process of getting ready for your puppy. Remember it is not a failure to have a puppy accident but a lesson on what you need to do to make them not become as frequent of an experience.

Below is a list of pet cleaning supplies I think are important to have on hand when it comes to cleaning up puppy accidents.

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Pet Cleaning Supplies

Accidents are going to happen with a puppy and the sooner you realize that the better when it actually becomes your reality that first night.

I would make sure to keep your puppy in a crate or playpen on title as that will make cleaning things up go easier. However, if you have carpet in your house then cleaning supplies that are specific for carpet will be essential. I know the last thing you want is a mark on your carpet as a reminder of the potty training for your puppy.

Cleaning Supplies for Puppy Accidents

There are lots of products out there to buy to clean up those puppy accidents but I recommend keeping it simple in the beginning. You will learn along the way the best setup to handle cleaning up things easily each time.

Nature’s Miracle Dog Oxy Set-in Stain Destoyer I like this cleaner and have been using it for a long time. It has always done a great job with any accidents I have had to clean up.

Paper towels You can never have enough paper towels as that helps with the clean up.

Storage Shelf Baskets Bins Organizer – Protecu Fabric Basket with Handles | Having all your cleaning supplies in one place is great and one that is portable is even more helpful.

Black trash bags I have learned that black trash bags are the best to have with accidents because they are sturdy

Wipes Having wipes around will be very helpful to clean your puppy wherever the mess is on he/she and hopefully minimize your puppy marking everything from the accident in your house.

Fabreeze Air Freshner This is the best way to make the accident smell better in your house.

Vet’s Best Waterless Dog Bath | No Rinse Dry Shampoo for Dogs If your puppy is not use to a real bath then trying a waterless shampoo may be the best option to help keep he/she clean and simplify the whole cleanup process.

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Setting up your home for the New Puppy

Getting to the last day you have to wait to pick up your puppy, is hard. However, there is something else you need to think about before that adorable puppy steps into your house and that is where he/she is going to live in your house and how things are going to get setup.

You cannot wait to see how it goes with your puppy to make a plan. Rather you need to decide that place now and get it ready for your puppy. Once you decide the location make sure you stick to it. It is easy to tell yourself that place you chose will get used and then it never happens.

Make sure (even with your puppy whining) that you put your puppy in that area no matter what. Routines are essential and you will be feeling thankful as well as relieved that your routine is going well with your puppy in the house.

Finally make sure you get a crate and a dog pen if you want to give yourself an option if crate training seems to be a struggle. Being flexible while you and your puppy are learning about each other and his/her crate and making it a positive experience will take time too.

Items for Your Puppy’s Location in Your House

Crate: I like this crate because it has a sliding tray that will help make cleaning up accidents easier. Also this brand of crate has a dog crate cover you can buy separately to put on the crate as well.

Blanket: Is another option to put over your puppy’s crate to help them relax. Here are some blankets you might like to use and easy to keep clean since they are machine washable.

Playpen: This can be used by itself or in addition to the crate to give yourself another option if crate training

Music: Playing music can act as white noise so your puppy does not hear every movement you make as well as when you are gone during the day. Through A Dog’s Ear: Vol 1, Music To Calm Your Canine Companion might be a good option to use with your puppy and see how it helps.

#Bonus Tip – make sure you do not leave a bed or blanket in the crate with your puppy. I know you want he/she to be comfortable but the reality could be it gets destroyed.

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How to Get Ready for a Puppy

I have shared the things to have on hand with your puppy, but the other area that I think does not get talked enough, when it comes to bringing a puppy into your life, is the commitment and mindset to handle it.

There are going to be days (heck even hours) that will make your puppy free life feel like a better option then what you are currently dealing with your puppy. It does not take much to trigger a puppy parent to question their decision. Lack of sleep, time, and accidents can do that quickly.

This may sound terrible but remember it is not permanent as your puppy will become a dog and this time will be a distant memory you will share to other puppy parents you meet along the way.

Another thing i would advise against is taking trips while being a puppy parent. I know work and life happen but if you can minimize this I think it will help you in building that relationship and bond you want with your puppy.

The time investment in potty training, crate training, puppy care, and dog training to name a few, do not stop once things are going well. It is actually when things are hard that you will really learn about yourself and how to turn things around.

I definitely recommend getting help as soon as you can on these issues as the impact will be lessen by having help instead of having you and your puppy struggling together.

Bonus Tip: The people who are around your puppy will have an impact so make sure everyone knows this and has a positive experience with your puppy. It just takes one bad experience that can change how your puppy views people and we do not want that to happen.

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Owning a New Puppy Final Tips

You may be tempted by that cute face (who wouldn’t?) or guilty that you need to give your puppy more attention and completely change the setup in your house. I want you to stay committed to your plan as in the long run it will help you and your puppy.

For example, with crate training you could have a crate your puppy stays in during the day in your living room and one in your bedroom for night time. This gives you two options with your puppy to be near you or in another room.

Another thing to remember is not to be in such a hurry to give your puppy the freedom in your house. Sure potty training is going well but lets not forget you have a puppy and things can still happen.

All the tools you have for your puppy are to make things go easier and minimize those times that are stressful(everyone experiences this with their puppy).

I hope this blog post was helpful and gives you the confidence to to be ready for your puppy. Being prepared ahead of time with the things I mentioned above will make life better for you and your puppy.

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