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How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping Up On You and Others

Being a dog parent there are going to be problems that come up with your puppy or dog. Depending on whether you are a new or seasoned dog parent could make you feel confident or worried that new problem will never go away. One of the most common problems I see or hear is about your puppy or dog jumping on you or other people.

The humiliation as well as the many apologizes you say over again and again still do not fix the problem and make you feel trapped. Sure your puppy or dog is cute and friendly but why are they so rude and when  will it stop?  Maybe you think it is a phase they will outgrow.

As this jumping continues not only on you but people you see on walks or in your home the dread and stress you feel will only increase. I wanted to write this blog post to give you easy ways to stop this undesirable behavior and how you as well as others in your life can help to stop the jumping. I want you to have the confidence as well as how to share it with others because you are not alone in your desire to end the jumping.

Why do Dogs Jump?

If you have a puppy or dog  who started jumping in the beginning of your new life together it may have seemed cute as it feels like attention to you. However, your dog is excited and thinks  his/her jumyour attention is a good thing to do.

Unfortunately, you have reinforced this behavior by talking, touching, or letting he/she seek your attention this way. You keep giving the same reaction which tells your puppy or dog that what he/she is doing is okay to do. Recognizing what you are doing as a dog parent is the first step to stopping the jumping.

For example my mother-in-law has a cute fox terrier puppy who has loads of energy  and loves to jump  up to get attention. He may be a smaller breed he can still knock over my kids and mother-in-law. That is why I am working on the dog jumping with him now rather then letting it continue on.

The sooner the jumping is stopped with all of us the better it will be when people come over. Remember stopping dog jumping is a process and you cannot expect it to be fixed overnight.


Things to do to Stop the Dog Jumping in Your Home

  • Having your dog crate trained is a great way to give them a safe place to go when company is over. Crate training your dog will take some time but feeding or giving a dog toy in the crate will start the process and make it a positive one.
  • Another option besides the crate is leaving them in a secured room like your bedroom. I would make sure to remove anything that your dog or puppy could chew on and give them a dog toy.
  • Being calm and not greeting your dog or puppy in an excited way, as well as not giving attention to he/she will help to change the interaction between you and your dog or puppy.
  • Practice coming in the house everyday when you have time will give you and your dog the chance and time to train together and help make the jumping become less frequent. Being in a hurry or getting frustrated which we can all feel some days will not help with this problem.

Tip: Make sure to have treats easily available to help quickly reinforce when your dog or puppy does not jump. One of the treats I like to use  Zuke’s Natural Training Dog Treats or Pet Botanics Dog Treats  

You can break them up and keep them in a Ziploc Bag ( I like the slider ones as they are easier to open) that in your refrigerator and keep them on the kitchen counter when you are ready to use them.

  • Working on a sit or down are other behaviors you want your dog or puppy to really know. When they master these cues then he/she will know giving a sit or down will lead to attention as well as a treat rather then jumping.

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Things to do on Walks

  • You can always say no to someone coming to say hello to your dog or puppy. As dog parents we think our dog or puppy must say hello to everyone but that is not true especially if your dog or puppy is too excited and will jump up.
  • Crossing the street is a great way to avoid an interaction with strangers that will not go well and it will also tell other dog owners/people you are not interested in saying hello. Plus it teaches your dog or puppy they do not have to say hello to everyone.
  • Work on your dog or puppy doing a sit or down and if they cannot hold it then a person cannot approach you. This one will take some time and can be worked on in your home as well.

These three ways will help you choose who comes to you as well as what you can do to take back control and not experience the jumping that keeps happening.  Choose the one you are more likely to incorporate in your daily life.

Things to do when Guests Come to Your House

Whether it is you or guests coming over, the excitement will still happen with your dog or puppy. That is why staying consistent and reminding yourself and guests of what to do before going in the front door will help everyone and especially your dog or puppy.

  • Letting your guests know about your dog or puppy and the jumping and what they should and should not do is essential.
  •     Keep your dog or puppy in a room or in their crate (if they are crate trained) as the guests come over to your house. Therefore, you get a chance to greet your guests without trying to manage the jumping at the same time.
  •    Use your leash on your dog or puppy when introducing your guests to he/she. The leash and keeping your distance at first will help you to put your dog or puppy back in the room or crate if things are not going well with the jumping.
  • Letting your guests know to stay calm in the hello and way they greet your dog or puppy will help to keep the excitement lower and hopefully the jumping too. Dogs and puppies are going to want to jump if guests are encouraging it with their body as well as how they talk to them.

Remember there is a learning curve with guests and how open they are to what you say to help with the dog jumping. You can always tell them to come another time if they are not interested in following what you are telling them.

Who should Work on Stopping the Dog Jumping First?

With all the information above you may feel a little overwhelmed and wonder who should you help  first with the dog jumping? I would tell you to start working on stopping it with yourself first. You and your dog or puppy are around  each other everyday and working on it now will benefit you both.

Also, once you are able to stop the dog jumping then you can practice with a friend or family member coming over and share what works and does not with them. Therefore, everyone will be on the same page and help to keep the dog jumping from happening again.

Tip: When guests come over you can have a Dog Treat Container with treats out near your front door. They can grab a couple and will know since you gave them aheads up when to give the treat. Therefore, it will be a positive experience for everyone.

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I hope this blog post was helpful to stop the jumping on you as well as others who are part of you and your dog or puppy’s life. Be patient, consistent, and do not give up if you feel like things will not change. It is normal to feel this way if you are a new dog parent or seasoned dog parent because every dog or puppy is different.

Finally, I created a short Stop the Jumping Course where you can get an ebook and three videos with great tips that will give you more ways to stop the jumping. The great thing is you can print the ebook and watch the videos whenever you want for just $7.


It would be great if you could leave a comment below and let me know if this blog post was helpful and if your dog or puppy is doing better with the jumping. Here is the link again for Stop the Jumping Course in case you did not click on it yet.

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