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Dog Training Survival Guide

How to Stop your Dog from Peeing in the House

As puppy or dog parents are days can go smoothly or turn into disaster once we open the front door. We may be busy at work but thinking of how your puppy or dog is doing is always on your mind. The biggest reason could be your puppy or dog has been peeing in the house. You keep hoping it will stop or they will grow out of it but the accidents keep happening. I wanted to write a blog post to go over this common problem, peeing in the house, and give you ways to stop it.

Why do Dogs pee in the House?

If your dog pees in the house you are wondering why it happens. Simple explanations could be your dog is distracted outside, likes to pee in your backyard, drinking too much water, and not enough chances to urinate. Another possibility is something medically could be going on. It would be a good idea to take your dog to the veterinarian to rule out if it is something that is being caused by a medical problem.

I know peeing in the house is very inconvenient and cleaning it up can seem like all you do in your house. However, if you are not getting your dog out in the backyard, on a walk regularly during the day then the peeing in the house will continue. Life happens for all dog parents with work, family, and other responsibilities. You may think your dog can hold their bladder longer then you think. Therefore, that  could be adding to the problem of the peeing in the house.

Why do Puppies pee in the House?

If your puppy is peeing in the house can be from being distracted when out for a walk, they do not realize they had to pee, the timing of how old your puppy is and how long they are holding it is not aligned, giving them too much water and not enough potty breaks. These are common reasons your puppy is peeing in the house.

Also, if there is more then one person in the house with your puppy and no one is communicating with one another about when the puppy has been out for a potty walk then time is another factor that will lead your puppy to pee in the house. In addition to time another area that could be causing the puppy to pee in the house is thinking your puppy can hold it all night long. I know it is hard to get up during the middle of the night or early morning but this is temporary

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Is my Dog or Puppy intentionally peeing in the House to teach me a Lesson?

When having a puppy or dog who is peeing in the house it can feel like he/she is doing it intentionally especially if they do it after getting back from a walk or potty break in your backyard. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Your puppy or dog are not realizing that they have to go or because it has been unintentionally reinforced by you it seems fine to do it.

Instead of feeling like you are being targeted by your puppy or dog, think of how you two need to get on the same page and are having a misunderstanding of how to make peeing happen when you want rather when you do not want it.

How to Stop your Dog from Peeing in the House

The best way to stop your dog from peeing in the house is to write down when he/she has gone in everyday. You may not be realizing that your dog is not getting enough opportunities to pee. Also, it is easy to forget when you took your puppy out especially if there is more then one person in your house taking care of your dog.

I have suggested to my clients to write it down in a notepadwhiteboard, or on your phone( in your notes section if you have an iphone).

Another area to think about is water intake. How much water are you giving your dog? A whole bowl before you leave for work or access to water when you go to bed as these actions will not help in stopping the peeing in the house.

You may be thinking I cannot take away access to water from my dog as that is not fair. However, nothing is farther from the truth. You are not hurting your dog instead you are saving a mess for yourself and on your dog (peeing on themselves).

Cleaning Tip #1:

When you have a puppy or dog peeing in the house there will still be a cleanup until you have mastered the training. Using the right cleaning product will play a role in your puppy or dog not smelling where they urinated in the house and do it again.

A product that has the enzymatic benefits to destroy urine is essential. A product you can use that has this ability to help with peeing in the house is Nature’s Miracle. They have different sizes as well as a refill which comes in handy. It would not be a bad idea to have more then one in your house with paper towels or a old towel next to it.

How to Stop your Puppy from Peeing in the House

If you are a puppy parent the potty training your puppy the first couple of weeks if not months can seem to be a trying time. However, there are somethings to remember and do that will lessen the chances of your puppy peeing in the house.

The age of your puppy will determine how long he/she can hold their bladder.  For example, If your puppy is 2 months old then he/she will need to go out every two hours. Puppy bladders are not very strong when they are young and will get stronger over time. You may hear a family member, friend, or co-worker saying their puppy did not pee in the house but that is not a common thing puppy parents experience.

Like I mentioned above, with stopping your dog from peeing in the house, getting a schedule for your puppy and giving he/she more chances to go pee will help things as well. First thing in the morning, multiple times during the day, and at night before bedtime. It can be tiring but being consistent with your puppy and getting them outside will lessen the chances of an accident.

Using your phone to set a timer, or write or type the schedule of when your puppy is peeing will give you a timeframe to stick to and know when he/she needs to be taken out. As  they get older each month he/she will be able to hold their pee longer.

You have to remember puppyhood is temporary and establishing a routine now will help you and your puppy have the bond you want and stop your puppy from peeing in the house.

Cleanup Tip #2:

I would keep your puppy in a crate or in an area in your house that has no carpet, maybe tile as that will be easier to clean up if your puppy pees on the floor. Another item that you may

I would keep your puppy in a crate or in an area where it is not carpet as that will be harder to

Another item that can be helpful to have is baby wipes to keep your puppy clean.

The other thing you have to take care of is the pee on the floor but it can also be on your puppy too. Another great thing to have in stock is Wipes. You can wipe your puppy or use a Waterless Shampoo to help he/she stay clean while stopping the pee in the house.

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Other Ways to Stop a dog from peeing in the house

In addition to the other things I have suggested above in this post there are other tools and products that can help with your dog or puppy peeing in the house.

Crate Training your puppy or dog will help with containing the mess and take away the options of peeing all over your house. Yes, your puppy or dog can still pee in it but the mess can be easier to clean as it is in one location.

If you have never crate trained your puppy or dog then another option could  be a crate with a playpen around it to still give he/she room to move around.

Praise and treats is another way to train your puppy or dog that going pee is a great thing to do in front of you. A couple treats that I like are Zuke’s Natural Training Dog TreatsNudges Chicken Grillers Dog Treatsand  Merrick Power Bites Dog Treats

Finally, hiring a professional dog walker is another solution if you are at work and cannot get home to get your puppy or dog out for a potty walk. Make sure you interview any potential dog walkers and see how knowledgable they are about your puppy or dog and  how they will help with stopping the peeing in the house too.

Also, if they can text you after each visit when your puppy or dog has peed then you can figure out a time you must be home to give your puppy or dog another chance to pee on a walk.

Final Thoughts on Puppy or Dog Peeing in the House

The more you take action and pick up on your puppy or dog’s signals when they need to go pee and putting into place a consistent routine will make a hug difference. Also, a leash is very important when going out to the backyard or on a  typical walk. I know it seems easier to just get your puppy or dog out without a leash  but distractions and a full bladder as well as being free to move around is not going to help in stopping the pee from happening.

Finally, every puppy or dog  parent is going to share their story about how they handled peeing in the house from their puppy or dog. However, your best bet is to seek a professional dog trainer to get real answers and steps  to do today to stop the peeing in the house if what I have said in this post has not worked.

If you have any questions about this blog post or you found it helpful then leave a comment below.

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