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The Top 5 Interactive Dog Toys To Use After A Walk

As dog moms getting out on a walk can be a great way to start the day and  gives you a chance to enjoy your dog. However, once the walk ends you have to start your day and that means leaving your dog and the attention he/she was enjoying must end. How can you make that transition easier for you and your dog? The answer is using an interactive dog toy. If used the right way it will help lessen the guilt  and leave your dog excited when you have to go. Therefore, I wanted to write a blog post to share the five dog puzzle toys I tell my clients to use.

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What is an Interactive Dog Toy?

Maybe you know what an interactive dog  is or not, but I wanted to write about them to encourage dog moms to start using them or maybe try a different one. An interactive dog toy is a toy that stimulates your dog’s mind and provides hours of fun and work for your dog.  There are a variety of them and gives your dog a job just by engaging with it. Moreover, your dog will play with it by laying with the toy and figuring out how to get what is inside of it by

  • rolling it around
  • putting it in his/her mouth
  • using his/her paw
  • and using their tongue.

Your dog does not know how much you put in it and will keep trying with the  interactive toy  because the scent will still get there attention.  Finally, this type of toy will minimize your dog getting bored while you are away.

Top 5 Interactive Dog Toys

1.  Kong

I love Kongs because there are a variety options to pick one. The standard kong is made of rubber and has a hollow hole at the bottom. You can put kibble, pumpkin, cottage cheese,  are just a couple examples of stuffing and freeze it. Some people put a dab of peanut butter or cream cheese over the hole to make it appealing to your dog. There are many recipes and finding the right one will vary depending on your dog’s preference. Kongs are great because you can prep them in advance and have them in the freezer ready to go. It will make your dog happy when you have to leave as it will be a positive thing rather then an abrupt end to all the attention your dog got on the walk. 

1a. Kong Wobbler

kong wobbler is another great option if you want to just use kibble with your dog.     

2.   The Tug-a-Jug

The Tug-a-Jug not only has a place for your dog’s kibble but your dog can pick it up and play with it too. The little rope and ball at the top are an added bonus for your dog to play with from one room to the next. 

3. The Buster Cube

The Buster Cube is great because you can measure your dog’s kibble and put it inside and your dog has to roll it around to get the food.  It is not easy for them to just pick it up like others on this list,  but can still provide the stimulation they need as well as a job to get the kibble out of it. 

4. The Atomic Treat Ball

The Atomic Treat Ball is great to fill up like the Kong with a mixture of your dog’s kibble and other ingredient’s like I mentioned with Kong above. 

Tip: To help you stay organized with  The Atomic Treat Ball and Kong in your freezer using a container or bowl will minimize the mess and help you find one quickly for your dog. 

5. Omega Paw’s Tricky Treat Ball

Omega Paw’s Tricky Treat Ball is another great option for kibble and is soft on your hardwood floors. Another great thing is the color like the orange in the picture is easy to find it in your house. 

Pick the one that seems the easiest to include in your life and know that it does not take that long to get one ready for your dog. Make sure to use the right portions of kibble and other ingredients,  in addition to other times you give your dog a treat or meal. We want the interactive dog toys to be useful and not cause your dog to gain weight. Moreover, keeping track of how many interactive dog toys you start off with because sometimes finding them in your house can become a game for dog moms. 

  Also, cleaning these five interactive dog toys may seem hard at first,  but you can soak them in warm water and soap. Therefore,  that will help make it easier to get a routine of using them regularly which will benefit you and your dog. Finally, keep in mind that you should be around to supervise your dog when using anyone of these interactive dog toys for the first time. We want to make sure your dog does not chew up any of the toys, as we want them to benefit you and your dog, rather then send you to the veterinarian. 

If you found this blog post  helpful then please leave a comment. If you are looking for more help choosing an interactive dog toy or have other questions, then book a free 15 minute call with me to see how I can help you and your dog. Click the link  now to schedule https://wellmanneredpups.as.me/

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