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Dog Training Survival Guide

Top 13 Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

When I think of Halloween it brings such fun and excitement for me. The change in the weather plus the colors, pumpkins, candy, horror movies, and costumes. There are so many costumes for humans to pick from and maybe you already have your theme for this year.

Now the next person in your life to think about buying a costume for is your puppy or dog. I wanted to share some Halloween costumes now to consider as well as to give the pros and cons for your puppy and dog in wearing them.

Remember the sooner you pick a costume and work with your puppy or dog to get them use to seeing, as well as wearing it, the better Halloween will go for everyone.

I love Halloween because of the pumpkins, candy, movies, and costumes. This holiday signals fall and the holiday season we all love. You as a dog parent may already have a costume for yourself but now comes the decision of dressing up your puppy or dog.Here is the list of costumes to choose from for your puppy or dog.

Simple Dog Halloween Costumes:

1.) Dog Bandana

Bandanas can be a great way to put some Halloween spirit with your dog or puppy that is not as overwhelming as some other costumes. There are so many designs to choose from that will fit your dog or puppy size.

When tying the bandana make sure it is not too tight and that you can put two fingers under it. If you cannot do that with your fingers  then the bandana needs to be made looser.

2.) Dog Collar

This is another great way to add some Halloween spirit with your dog. The collar could have the Halloween colors or prints of ghosts, pumpkins the list could go on.

The Halloween collar could light up which would be fun on walks and especially great if you have a black dog or puppy. They would be easy to see and that is good for safety.

3.) Dog Hat

This is another option that is just one thing to turn your puppy or dog into wearing a Halloween costume. It could be a simple hat or more elaborate but I think that depends on how your puppy or dog reacts to it.

Give your puppy or dog a chance to sniff the hat and go slow if this is your first time putting a hat on them. Remember you may think it is cute (which it is) but your puppy or dog may not understand what it is so they need time to get use to it.

4.) T-Shirt

If you would prefer a simple but fun costume for your puppy or dog then a t-shirt could be a great option. A funny saying or a colored shirt are just a couple ideas. This is another way to have fun.

Make sure to get the t-shirt before Halloween to get your puppy or dog used to wearing it. That way it will be easier for you and your dog to get ready for Halloween and minimize the stress.

5.Dog Bow or Dog Bow Tie

This is another great option for your female or male puppy or dog. If they have enough hair then the bow should be able to stay on and the bow tie

Disney Theme Dog Costume

6.) Donald Duck

This costume will not cover your puppy or dog all the way. That may be easier for you to put it on and still have he/she look like Donald Duck.

7.) Minnie Mouse

This costume has the color and fun factor going on. This covers more of your dog or puppy’s body plus it comes with a bow.

8.) Goofy

I like that the Goofy costume like Donald Duck will cover just the front of your puppy or dog which makes either one a great option.

Harry Potter Dog Costumes

9.)  Harry Potter

This costume is great because you can put it on like a winter jacket and it comes with glasses. Your puppy or dog will need sometime to get use to them unless they are already use to things being put over their eyes.

10.)  Harry Potter Scarf

Having your puppy or dog wear the Harry Potter scarf is easy enough to let everyone know who he/she is for Halloween and keeping it simple for you and your puppy or dog to get ready quickly.

Dog Owner and Dog Matching Costumes

11.) A matching shirt

A simple way to wear matching costumes is have the same color and style shirt. This is another option that could work for you both.

12.) Superhero Costume

I found this Wonder Woman Costume for you as well as one for your puppy or dog. Who does not want to dress up like a superhero and have your puppy or dog as your sidekick.

13.)  Lion Costume

You and your puppy or dog can go as lions and it only involves the mane, ears, and tail for your dog as well as yourself.


Should your Dog or Puppy wear a Halloween Costume?

The answer to this question depends on many factors:

Do you want your puppy or dog to wear a costume?

Will your dog or puppy like wearing a costume?

Do you have the time to get your dog or puppy use to wearing the costume?

If you rush anything with your dog or puppy especially a Halloween Costume it might not work out the way you hoped. It could be too stressful or scary for your dog. If you can answer the questions above honestly then you will be able to make a choice that you are comfortable with as well as your puppy or dog.

I know surfing the internet or watching videos with dogs dressed up in costumes makes you think, “I should do that.” However, the puppy or dog you watched in the costume may be comfortable or even stressed out by it and the dog’s owner may not realize it.

Instead I would start simple and way before Halloween to see what your puppy or dog can handle. Does your dog like it when you have to dry them off from a bath? If you struggle with simple things with your puppy or dog then a dog costume may not be as easy a process as you hoped.

What to do if your Puppy or Dog does not want to wear a Halloween Dog Costume?

There is always another holiday to try a costume for your puppy or dog. Remember you are not a bad puppy or dog owner if you cannot get a Halloween costume on them. Rushing anything with your puppy or dog is going to make it worst next time.

Another option is to let your puppy or dog just go as themselves. That could be just as fun as the costume plus you both are comfortable and enjoying Halloween together and that is the whole point of being a dog or puppy parent.

In conclusion, I created the list above to reflect the dog trainer in me and what could help dog or puppy parents celebrate Halloween with costumes in the most simple idea to themes and some more complication.

Use these Dog Costume ideas this year to go simple but festive and then a complicated one for next Halloween.  Whatever you decide remember to keep it simple and there is always next Halloween to try again with your puppy or dog.

Let me know if this blog post was helpful or if you have any suggestions by leaving me a comment below.

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