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Dog Training Survival Guide


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Having a new puppy, whether you planned your puppy or he/she was a surprise, will change your life in so many ways.

You are not alone and will have someone relying on your help in the morning until you go to bed each day.

It does not sound like a bad trade with all the cuteness and excitement plus the laughter and enjoying your time together.

Reality sets in pretty quickly about all the things you need to do as well as confusion about what you should do first.

All those responsibilities of having a new puppy but at the same time still having all the other things in your life that need your attention and must be done too.

It hits you that life as you know it is gone. Being pulled in different directions in your life and now with your puppy seems really hard.

That may sound bad but that is part of the journey you are now on with your puppy. It is actually a great thing even if you do not see it right now.

Now lets start breaking things down for you to help make your time and days with your puppy more manageable and relieve that stress.

Each step below will lead you to decisions that need to made, whether you realize it or not, and give you enough information to not confuse you but take action in the easiest way possible.

Looking Into Getting Your New Puppy Trained Right Away

Basic training and obedience for your new puppy are very important. You want your new puppy to get started and learn how to doing training right away like a sit, down are example.

Another area you may not realize is important when it comes to training is knowing the common problems you will see with your puppy and work on them immediately as well.

Like potty training and chewing that you will experience and getting help from a professional dog trainer who will be able to offer you the support and tips to turn things around with your puppy.

You may feel like you can handle the training on your own but proper training early on can result in having that well mannered pup of your dreams.

It is really important to stay patient and consistent with your puppy. It will take time for them to learn new cues, and adapt to their new environment.

Think of your puppy as a sponge who can pick up things right away. He/she wants to do the right thing but do not know it yet. This is something to keep in mind with training and having a bad day with your puppy.

Another thing to remember is if you work with your puppy everyday, you will get the desired results you seek. This can be achieved with a dog trainer or dog training classes.

Taking that first step and seeking help for you and your puppy will set you two in the right direction, rather then stay stuck and see no progress with training.

When there are a lot of options in your city for dog training and not having any experience to know which one to choose for your puppy may stop you before making contact.

Instead asking friends, family, co-workers who have dogs about who they used for a dog trainer and how it went.

Hearing their experience with their puppy or dog and what problems they needed help with and if the dog trainer was helpful or not is important to hear.

Just keep in mind that their puppy or dog is different from your puppy and that is something to remember when hiring a dog trainer.

Making a phone call, emailing, or going to the dog trainer, if he/she has a training facility, will give you a chance to get to know their process and if it will work for you and your puppy.

I would write down any questions you have about puppy training before that conversation with a dog trainer. Price is going to be another thing you will want to know about dog training.

I totally understand wanting to to learn about costs, especially with all the other things you have purchased so far for your puppy.

Just keep in mind that dog training is an investment to the life you want with your puppy and the time it takes cannot just be put into a number and that is it.

A great dog trainer will explain in great detail the training and what that looks like as well as what is included. This is very helpful if you have never worked with a dog trainer.

Whatever decision you make follow it through with it. If you would like my help then book a free call with me so I can learn how best to help you both.

Socialization Is a Huge Part of Puppy Development

Puppy Socialization is just getting your puppy to like other puppies or dogs. It involves more than just the dog world but the human world and all the things that come with it.

Keeping those experiences with your puppy and other dogs, people, objects, or sounds need to be positive and short.

You may think it should not be a big deal but your puppy may not feel the same way. Being flexible and supporting your puppy will give he/she the confidence to know that new things are great.

Whether you go to a puppy group class or find another dog to play with your puppy the point is to create those opportunities to work on socialization.

Giving your puppy chances with other puppies and dogs is great, do not forget about the humans even if you have more than one in your house.

Without proper socialization, your puppy may grow up to be fearful and that can lead to situations and experiences that do not go well with other dogs and people.

This can make things more challenging with a fearful dog and how that can impact what you can do together. Preventing them from arising in the first place will make life much easier for you and your dog. 

Obtain The Proper Puppy Supplies 

You may have been given or found a new puppy checklist and that can feel like more pressure to get everything right away.

However, there are a few basic things that you need to obtain when you have your new puppy. First, a leash and collar or harness are important so you can get your puppy or dog use to walking on it.

Even if your puppy is not vaccinated completely, it is still beneficial to work on putting those things on so it is not a big deal, as everything is new to your puppy.

Next, your puppy will need food and treats. You may have been given food from the breeder or rescue you got your puppy and that will help in the beginning. While using that food I would speak with your veterinarian about the dog food you have and see what they think about it.

This will make sure what you are feeding will help your puppy well into becoming a dog. Another positive benefit of talking to your veterinarian about food is learning what are the best portions and how many times to feed your puppy if you are unsure.

When you are going through potty training having the right supplies for accidents will help you and your puppy. Choosing where you want your puppy to go for potty breaks will lead to less confusion and build an easy routine for you both.

Another important part of potty training is having a place that your puppy can be comfortable like a crate when you are gone or busy in your house.

Knowing your puppy can take naps or be alone by themselves in a crate gives you both a chance to have breaks that help with establishing a great daily routine.

Finally, realizing that hiccups are going to happen with your puppy and having the right supplies can make them less stressful and easier to manage.

Think About Getting Your Puppy Spayed or Neutered 

I understand that having your puppy spayed or neutered is a personal choice you will make as a puppy parent. However, it is definitely a decision that should be made with the right information.

Spaying or neutering is a very common and safe procedure that many puppy parents decided to do. What might come up in your research is how old your puppy should be and what are the side affects of it.

In addition to doing research on spaying or neutering your puppy on your own, speaking with your veterinarian about the questions and getting answers as well as what age is best, can give you another important view and make the right choice for you and your puppy.

There are many benefits to spaying and neutering like reducing the risk of reproductive cancers in both male and female dogs which helps to keep them living longer lives with us.

Overall, spaying or neutering your puppy can help control the dog population. An unplanned litter of puppies can not only be stressful for you, but lead to veterinary bills you may not be ready for, since having a puppy was the only decision you were making to add to your life.

Therefore, making this important choice for your puppy will help to control the dog population, ensuring all puppies as well as dogs go to safe and loving forever homes.

I know making all these decisions as a puppy parent can feel like a roller coaster because you want the best but feels like letting down your puppy if you do not make the right one.

Hopefully, I have been able to take the guesswork out of what you should do when you have a new puppy.

Realizing this phase with your puppy will go by quickly (you may not feel that now) can be the motivation to take action and not be indecisive

Moreover, adding a puppy to your life or family is such a wonderful thing, and I want to help you enjoy the process together.

My puppy training program is designed to get you and your puppy started off on the right track so you can spend more time building that life you have dreamed as well as get the support to thrive.

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