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Dog Training Survival Guide
Dog Training Survival Guide

Why the Dog Training Survival Guide?

I wanted to share the purpose of the Dog Training Survival Guide. I have been in the pet field for ten years from  volunteering  at a shelter to working in a veterinary hospital. I have learned so much from my hands-on experience with dog training  and going to  school to become a veterinary technician.  Having a dog walking/dog training business for many years has given me a chance to impact owners and share my knowledge to help them have a wonderful relationship with their dogs. Wanting to share more with other dog owners outside my local area is why I wanted to start this blog. The information I share as well as  tips and tools will be simple to implement. I know dog owners have so much access through social media, the internet, as well as locally through family and friends,  but that may overwhelm rather than help with any problems that come up with being a dog owner.

Whatever stage you are as a dog owner(newbie to seasoned) we can all use knowledge on a variety of things from  buying toys to learning how to stop your dog from jumping on you. I hope to cover many different topics that can improve the  dog owner lifestyle and in return their dog. All the conversations I have had with my clients about their dog(s) and giving them ideas and solutions makes me want to recreate it in this blog. Furthermore,  dog owners purchase so many things for their dog like:

  • Supplies
  • Food
  • Vet Care
  • Dog Services


Also, the process of  choosing a dog to adopt is another important decision that will lead to becoming a dog owner and every person needs to be informed about dog breeds as well as looking at their work/lifestyle to make the best choice. I hope to guide dog owners on their journey and use my experiences, good or bad, in my business and working with dogs to help dog owners avoid bad experiences. Moreover, if I can be one source a dog owner uses to figure out the best option to explain the latest things and products out there  then I would be thrilled. I encourage  you to  share your questions and  ideas on this blog.  Hopefully, you will learn something new to use  or do for your dog and take action to make this wonderful relationship even better.  Join me on my Facebook page(Dog Training Survival Guide) http://bit.ly/pupsbizpage where I do weekly Facebook Lives on Wednesdays on a variety of topics. Thank you and enjoy.

Access powerful resources to enjoy spending time with your dog and never be embarrassed by their behavior again:


Take the Leash Manners Assessment to learn why your dog is pulling on the leash


Tired of your dog always jumping up? Learn why they jump and how to fix it here


Tired of your dog losing their minds when the doorbell rings? This is for you.

Are you prepared for your next dog walk?

  • Checklist of the supplies you need for your walk with examples of each
  • High value and low value dog treat examples
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